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"If it has to do with strategic communication – across branding, digital marketing, company culture, and more – AssertiveU has a ton to offer you that will help you grow your business.

... Amir is one of the smartest people I’ve met."

Cameron Herold - CEOs Coach Featured on CNN Money, Founder of COO Alliance & Best-Selling Author Described by Publisher of Forbes as the "CEO Whisperer"

"Amir has a superb marketing mind."

Mark Joyner - Founder, Veteran of US Military Intelligence & WSJ Best Selling Author of The Irresistible Offer, Widely Praised & Recognized as the Godfather of Internet Marketing Including by His Student Russell Brunson of

"It was lonely running my consulting business on my own. My energy was already maxed out. I felt pressured to grow and expand in wake of the pandemic.

He empowered me to find my purpose, motivated me to go after my dreams with love, and challenged me to overcome my greatest fears.

He does this in an unassuming, supportive way - yet it’s super effective! He’s better than a business coach, he changed my life. Truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself.

... He showed me a pathway forward. You just have to take a leap of faith, and go for it!"

Nina Wang - Award Winning Marketing Strategist

"... I was allergic to many standard marketing approaches. Because of the referral I already had confidence. The price was more than I had anticipated but it seemed worth it. Working on values isn't new to me but it gave me a different take on it, especially the tension between some of my values which wasn't so obvious before. It gave me a new angle to explore.

... The reclaiming of the wisdom from my Celtic heritage was a welcome surprise but I'm really only beginning to reconcile all of that. I think it will prove very fruitful as I integrate it more.

It's good to get clear... The work helped me hone in on what I want to focus on and offer. It also reinforced the extent of my knowledge, skills and impact in the area of transformation and helped me appreciate what I know and the impact I have with clients."

Áine Watkins - Integral Coach to Organizational Leaders, Former PwC Consultant & Associate Fellow With The British Psychological Society

"If you have any question of what technology can do for people trying to make change from the bottom up, Amir's life experiences will remove all doubt."

Christopher M. Schroeder - Previous CEO of WashingtonPost.Newsweek, Former Presidential White House Staff, Global Investor & Author of the Book Startup Rising, With a Foreword By Marc Andreessen


After this instrumental process, now featured as a case-study in Vishen Lakhiani's NY Times and #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling book The Buddha and the Badass, Mindvalley grew 50% year on year for three years, eventually to $100M/year.

"One of the best decisions I've made was hiring Amir...

I never realized how I had been suppressing my own origin story... I could suddenly see the core value proposition... How to describe our business. What to write on our website. How to introduce ourselves to clients. All of a sudden it became clear. I got clear on what type of business I wanted to build... so I could have greater fulfillment in my life.

It's impossible for me to emphasize how powerful this framework is and what a wonderful coach Amir is."

Vishen Lakhiani - Founder of Mindvalley & Best Selling Author of The Buddha and the Badass

"Amir is completely dedicated to helping you do what you're most passionate about, so that you're not a robot… but you're so passionate, so purpose-driven, and so on point and on mission with what you're doing, that people naturally want to buy more of your stuff, they naturally want to do business with you."

Sam Rosen - Innovator & Former Vice President of Marketing at The Atlantic magazine

"Amir has always been a brainy one. The strategies [AssertiveU] teaches put money in your pocket."

The Late Kenneth Yu - One of Southeast Asia's Top Branding and Direct Response Copywriters Praised by the Famed Founder of Ogilvy Direct Drayton Bird

"Helped me take a body of knowledge that I previously had in my book and turn it into a transformational learning experience. Tremendous detailed knowledge."

The late Terry Patten, a beloved teacher of leadership and spirituality we miss and respect, and whose work impacted Amir profoundly, describing his experience in working with Amir to launch the Beyond Awakening online summit and the Integral Spiritual Practice course.

He is the co-author with Ken Wilber, the American philosopher of consciousness featured in the classic Matrix trilogy, of Integral Life Practice, described by Tony Robbins as "tender yet assertive... This book is the definitive roadmap for your journey to an awakened life." Terry's legacy lives on through his body of work and students.

Amir Ahmad Nasr with Terry Patten's co-author, Ken Wilber, the American philosopher of consciousness featured in the classic Matrix trilogy. Ken described Terry's inspired life leadership work as "a super-holistic approach" and described Amir's work, in part building on it, as: "important and significant... especially at this time in our history... This is the right message, at the right time, from the right person."

A philosophy at the heart of what we do and guide leaders through.

"The benefits are multi-faceted and continuing. The expansion into a new direction brought a new level of confidence and coherence.

There is a path which has opened and is expanding in an ongoing manner... This sense of new confidence is truly a force which is unravelling many new aspects of knowledge allowing the systems I created to flourish... The backbone was based on values which were dormant and ready for me to expose... I am completing the work I have wanted to share with a new voice and vitality."

Patricia Gagic - One of Canada's Most Celebrated Award Winning Visual Artists, Educator & Best-Selling Author

"Amir's framework is highly effective for increasing both short term conversions, and long term customer value by getting straight to the 'why' that connects us all at a core level. Since re-writing my sales collateral using his framework, I had people emailing me thanking me for the 'inspiring videos.'"

Gavin Abeyratne - Co-Founder of Infinite Alliance


"It converts like crazy… It also allowed me to create my own product… after going through the framework, I no longer needed to guess how am I going to position this product… It was something that was positioned to be exactly and precisely aligned with my own authenticity. It's invaluable."

Jason Campbell - Founder, Author & Host of Selling With Love, formerly the Podcast Superhumans at Work by Mindvalley

"Despite what everyone was telling me about how much I have achieved alone, I always felt that I could be doing better... for the communities who I work with throughout the region.

I asked for help and help showed up almost immediately in the form of the right podcast that led me to AssertiveU. I did not know exactly what I was signing up for but I felt compelled to take the leap...

After the first assignment, I knew I made the right decision. Uncovering my origin story and knowing my values and what drives every decision and choice I make was revelatory.

There is a certain power and magic in knowing why you are driven to do the things you're doing and how... to be able to know your own personal strengths and what makes you special, you cannot help but step into your voice and feel empowered.

It is one thing knowing something intellectually and then believing it and living it in every way. I built an online world where I was seeing the world going in the direction that I wanted - eco-friendly, sustainable, equal... But I was very resistant to stepping up and becoming the face and voice of my travel company.

But when those blinds were pulled down I realized how much my lived experience is actually needed. The every day me is a leader and educational and transformative. I feel ready to lead. I feel ready to be exactly who I am and that is enough to move the world in the right direction... even if it is just a tiny bit. I have a lot to share that is simple to understand, fun to listen to, and easy to implement."

Junxiu Lu - Travel Company Founder


"Working with Amir actually really helped me understand how my backstory is an asset... This in return helped us enhance business performance like crazy. I only wish I'd discovered this sooner." 

Xinch - Founder of Watch Over Me, Backed by 500 Startups, Now 500 Global, VC Investors (Sold)

"The best coaches can look at their mentees holistically. Provide objective feedback. Help the mentee hone in skills which they did not realize they had in the first place. Amir is that type of coach. He has a unique ability to understand your inner and outer persona. Push you outside your comfort zone - all the time supporting you with his valuable advice."

Manuj Aggarwal, Founder and A.I. consultant who with our coaching guidance launched a business podcast that peaked at #1 in its category on Apple and built a valuable network

"My personal mantra has always been to learn from as many as possible. Amir definitely stood out. It also helps that he’s a cool person who is easy to chat to!"

Stephanie Chai - Model, Presenter & Founder of Luxe Nomad (Backed by 500 Startups, Now 500 Global)


"Working with Amir was a really inspiring and empowering experience... One of the challenges I had was just being too close to the material. It's what they call the curse of knowledge and I had it. And what Amir did was really an amazing job of mirroring back to me what I was saying... did a dramatic effect with how people responded."

Michael Margolis, organizational narrative strategist to NASA, Tesla and more on his experience working to launch and host his online event The Reinvention Summit

"Amir is incredible to work with and I highly recommend him as a coach who really cares."

Luminita of landed a solid five-figure book publishing deal with Penguin, followed by TV appearances

"Amir is a master listener – he processes your needs and returns with a wealth of brilliant ideas to make you and your business shine!"

Freddie Ravel - Founder of Life In Tune & Beloved Grammy Nominated Artist With Earth, Wind & Fire As Well As Pianist to Stars Like Carlos Santana, Madonna & Prince

"When I was first starting Remedine Clinic, it was a vulnerable period in which at times I felt overwhelmed and questioned whether or not it was going to work as a new concept Clinic with a focus on lifestyle medicine.

Working with Amir and going through the framework helped me clarify my creative vision and values, and developed my leadership voice in a way that streamlined everything from branding to communicating online and in-person with stakeholders.

The benefits continue to manifest in all areas of my personal and professional life, and I am more confident and more in flow than ever before in pursuing my life's work and mission. Highly recommended."

Dr. W. Afdzal W. Aziz - Founder of Remedine Clinic, Focused on Popularizing Lifestyle Medicine in Malaysia

"Not only is Amir a brilliant marketer and highly internet-savvy, he is driven by his passion for helping others achieve better results. Pay attention to what he has to say if you want to grow your business."

Chris Attwood - Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur & NY Times Best-Selling Author of The Passion Test

"Through Amir's teachings, I was able to discover and articulate my origin story. This has brought tremendous results to my brand."

Bosco got clear on his origin story, delivered a great TEDx Talk of his own and now gets paid five figures to speak worldwide

"The principles I learned and applied really helped."

SammyT aka SB Moses now shares his story in a way that helped him raise his profile to land $10,000.00 gigs he enjoys

"Uncovering my values by going through my past events has given me the confidence to be myself as I infuse them into how I execute the different areas of my life. I am now confident to show up in the world with my true voice."

Tadaaki Sun - A Student of Philosophy, Gifted Athlete & Executive Professional in the Hospitality Industry

"If you’re looking for someone to help you translate and package your knowledge into an online program, or someone to help you launch such a program successfully, Amir is your one stop digital marketing coach and consultant."

Rev. Michael Dowd - Educator & International Best Selling Author of Thank God for Evolution

"Working with Amir has really helped me uncover my unique origin story, which has enabled me to clarify my message and essentially find my voice.

... It changes everything."

Krystal Gabriel - EQ Strategist & Coach

"I quit teaching all those classes and my income has gone up significantly."

Francarlos, a fitness trainer, went from $100.00 per session to $2,500.00 per client

"... been out enrolling like a man on a mission. 5 registered, waiting on one to confirm... this process has been instrumental!"

Within a month of joining an AssertiveU intensive Lucas attracted 6 new clients at $6,000.00 each

"We have enrolled Amir’s expertise for two of our launches and were deeply impressed by the depth and precision of his knowledge, as well as the direct impact it had on boosting sales. Working with him has been one of our best investments."

Laurens Van Aarle - Entrepreneur, Investor, Digital Nomad and Co-Founder of the Online Platform Coaches Rising

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